Cloudland Dining Restaurant New Menu

Playing with fire. A new adventure in food awaits.

Experience a feast for the senses with a fresh, new approach to dining at Cloudland.

We’re embarking on a new food journey that honours the art and tradition of cooking by fire, with the appointment of Alec Kapitz in the role of Head Chef, joining the team alongside Executive Chef, Andrew Musk. Check out the gallery below.

The talented duo have crafted a new menu with a Mediterranean influence, embracing the creativity of cooking on an open-flame, with a new ‘parrilla’ charcoal grill and wood oven set to show their flair and passion for food. Alec, whose career includes a stint at premier dining destination, Jelly Fish, is the seafood specialist, while Andrew loves nothing more than an MB5+ marble score, grilled to perfection, and championing local produce.

Alec says: “It’s a charming and traditional approach to cooking. Getting back to basics. Asking yourself, what can you do with this particular product or ingredient when it’s exposed to a big burst of flavour from the charcoal grill or wood oven?”

Packed with mouth-watering dishes that benefit from those rustic, smoky aromatics, the new seasonal menu is big on flavour, yet stripped back to let each ingredient shine. Skull Island prawns from the NT feature as an entrée, which are simply wood fired (from the world’s first certified sustainable tropical prawn fishery) and served on a bed of cauliflower, crustacean oil and sorghum. Also on the snackier side, is the Hervey Bay scallop tartare with avocado, yuzu kosho and potato crisp. Premium steaks like the S.Kidman Wagyu ribeye, born and bred in Queensland feature on the grill, with mains including a delicious seafood bouillabaisse.

“We want to share the great produce we have available locally, and regionally here in Australia, taking a ‘less is more’ approach, adding the minimal required to show-off each dish and hero the ingredients,” says Andrew.

But it’s not all about the food. Cloudland Garden has an all-new, cleverly curated wine list and cocktails that are almost too pretty to drink. Crafted with the same focus on flavour and attention to detail, cocktails feature seasonal ingredients with aromatic garnishes, like the Agave Heat Wave — a fusion of tequila and mezcal with lime, jalapeño, coconut water and a spicy tajin rim.

Whether you’re a fully-fledged foodie, or just want a night off cooking, there’s something for everyone to savour. There’s even a boujee burger with fries (Wagyu, of course).

Our new menu is available now — get ahead and book your table here.