Cloudland Aperitivo Hour

Aperitivo Hour

Press pause at the end of a long day and make time for Aperitivo at Cloudland. Retreat to a place where the drinks are refreshing and the Italian morsels entice the tastebuds.

Gather your friends for a table loaded with tasty tidbits and pass the prosecco, signature apéritifs or something classic as you relax and unwind — paradiso!


Aperitivo Menu

$10 Cheese and Italian meats boards 

$10 Wood fired margherita pizza

Aperitivo beers and wines

Signature range of Sofi Sprits

  • Blood Orange and Bitters Spritz – Sofi Blood Orange and Bitters Aperitivo, French sparkling wine, soda and fresh orange slice
  • Native Lemon and Pepperberry Spritz – Sofi Native Lemon and Pepperberry Aperitivo, French sparkling wine, soda, fresh lemon and mint
  • White Peach and Ginger Spritz – Sofi White Peach and Ginger Aperitivo, French sparkling wine, soda, fresh orange and mint


Aperitivo. Daily from 5-7pm at Cloudland.

No bookings required.