A Taste of Italy

Close your eyes and taste the fresh, handmade pasta from Emilia Romagna. Feel the Napoli wood fired pizza melt-in-your-mouth and devour fresh seafood from Apulia as the scent of lemon fills the air.

Take pleasure in this Italian love-affair with Chef Paolo Camisotti every Thursday and Friday, as he guides you on a multi-sensory journey. Collect your passport, sit back and enjoy the ride around twelve regions of Paolo’s homeland. A new region each month — collecting stamps along the way. Explore the fresh, authentic flavours of Italy and savour matching wines over multiple courses designed to satisfy your hunger for la dolce vita.

For epic travelers who collect six out of the twelve stamps, a heavenly feast awaits at the end of your journey.

Every Thursday and Friday from 5pm until late. Bookings via the link below or phone (07) 3872 6600.

Fifth Stop, March – Liguria.

Benvenuto Liguria — a little crescent-shaped Italian province where the mountains meet warms seas and beautiful little fishing villages dot the coastline. Best known for producing some of the finest olive oil and Genovese basil pesto, Ligurian cuisine is also influenced by seafood and fish. What better way to celebrate the Italian Riviera than our pasta dish ‘pansoti’, a classic family lunch staple of triangular parcels stuffed with cheeses? The word pansoti is derived from the Ligurian dialect ‘pansa’ which means belly — in this case a paunch is a great thing!

Our main course is very much a slow food. ‘Baccalà’ (salted cod) is traditionally split length-ways, heavily salted and partially dried to preserve before soaking in fresh water many times over many hours to soften the flesh and remove the salt. The end result is soft flakes of succulent flesh with great texture and beautiful seasoning.

We conclude our evening in Liguria with a dish meaning ‘pudding’ in Italian. Budino is a simple, old-fashioned yet elegant style dessert, perfect when you’re in the mood for romance!

The Liguria Menu


Involtini di zucchine e formaggio Grilled zucchini parcel with soft cheese


Pansoti – Ravioli stuffed with beet, ricotta and Parmesan, dressed with walnut creamy pesto


Baccalà all’agrodolce – Slow cooked salted cod


Budino all’amaretto – Chocolate pudding with amaretto biscuit

Set menu to share $59 per person – Minimum two people

Every Thursday and Friday from 5pm until late. Bookings via the link below or phone (07) 3872 6600.