A Taste of Italy

Close your eyes and taste the fresh, handmade pasta from Emilia Romagna. Feel the Napoli wood fired pizza melt-in-your-mouth and devour fresh seafood from Apulia as the scent of lemon fills the air.

Take pleasure in this Italian love-affair with Chef Paolo Camisotti every Thursday and Friday, as he guides you on a multi-sensory journey. Collect your passport, sit back and enjoy the ride around twelve regions of Paolo’s homeland. A new region each month — collecting stamps along the way. Explore the fresh, authentic flavours of Italy and savour matching wines over multiple courses designed to satisfy your hunger for la dolce vita.

For epic travelers who collect six out of the twelve stamps, a heavenly feast awaits at the end of your journey.

Every Thursday and Friday from 5pm until late. Bookings via the link below or phone (07) 3872 6600.

Third Stop, December & January – Emilia Romagna.

It’s time to say ciao to Lombardy and travel southward, arriving at our next stop — the home of pasta. Nestled between the Alps and Apennine mountain ranges, Emilia Romagna is known as ‘the food valley’. The Po River runs through the region to the Adriatic Sea, with varying altitudes and rich fertile soil providing the perfect place for gastronomic variety.

We commence our feast with a traditional street food snack. Crescentine e salumi are little pillow-shaped deep fried dough parcels that are golden and crispy on the outside, yet soft and fluffy inside. The stuffed pasta dish from this region has almost as many names as the towns that produce it. ‘Balanzoni’ is named after a carnival mascot — Dr. Balanzone, because his hat resembles the shape of this delicious spinach coloured pasta from Bologna.

The quintessentially Italian sounding ‘Straccetti all’aceto balsamico’ showcases one of Emilia Romagna’s protected ingredients — balsamic vinegar of Modena. Made from simmered grape juice, it is slowly matured in a series of casks made from different types of wood. The complex perfume and delicate balance of sweet and sour flavours perfectly compliments roast meat, or even atop an ice cream with strawberries!

The Emilia Romagna Menu

Crescentine e salumi – Deep fried dough parcels stuffed with salumi

Balanzoni – Spinach infused pasta with pork and ricotta filling

Tender beef strips, balsamic vinegar and shaved Parmesan

Zuppa Inglese Alchermes liqueur sponge cake layered with custard cream and chocolate pudding

Set menu to share $55 per person – Minimum two people

Every Thursday and Friday from 5pm until late. Bookings via the link below or phone (07) 3872 6600.