A Taste of Italy

Close your eyes and taste the fresh, handmade pasta from Emilia Romagna. Feel the Napoli wood fired pizza melt-in-your-mouth and devour fresh seafood from Apulia as the scent of lemon fills the air.

Take pleasure in this Italian love-affair with Chef Paolo Camisotti every Thursday, as he guides you on a multi-sensory journey. Collect your passport, sit back and enjoy the ride around twelve regions of Paolo’s homeland. A new region each month — collecting stamps along the way. Explore the fresh, authentic flavours of Italy and savour matching wines over multiple courses designed to satisfy your hunger for la dolce vita.

For epic travelers who get all twelve stamps, a heavenly feast awaits at the end of your journey.

Every Thursday from 5pm until late. Bookings via the link below or phone (07) 3872 6600.

First Stop, October – Piedmont.

We begin our gastronomic feast in the North of Italy at Piedmont, meaning ‘at the foot of the mountains’ in Latin. Picture a landscape that lives up to its moniker — snow-capped peaks and sweeping valleys dotted with quaint villages and castles.

A slow food and fine wine mecca, Piedmontese cattle are celebrated for their lean tender meat and although it’s not a coastal region, locals also love to add anchovies to a myriad of dishes for their salty, briny flavour.

Our pasta special is Ravioli Del Plin, meaning ‘pinch’ in Piedmontese, which is exactly how you make these little parcels by hand.

The Piedmont Menu

Crostini Piemontesi – Toasted Bread topped with homemade parsley and anchovy pesto

Ravioli del Plin – Ravioli filled with rabbit and spinach

Brasato al vino rosso – Slow cooked beef cheek in red wine

Bonèt – Chocolate and amaretti spoon dessert

Set menu to share $49 per person – Minimum two people

Perfectly paired with the following selection of wines, which are available to purchase on the night:

  • Borgo Maragliano La Caliera Moscato, Piedmont, Italy
  • Trediberri Nebbiolo Langhe, Piedmont, Italy

Every Thursday from 5pm until late. Bookings via the link below or phone (07) 3872 6600.